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Distressed Multicolor Wooden Nesting Trunk with Vintage Accents and Studs (Set of 3), 23″, 21″, 18″W
SKU: GDU93776

Distressed Multicolor Wooden Nesting Trunk with Vintage Accents and Studs (Set of 3), 23″, 21″, 18″W


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Multicolor Storage truck set of 3.
These rectangular trunk style boxes with hinged lids are crafted of mdf, faux leather and metal hardware.
The storage trunks feature a distressed multicolor finish highlighting blue, purple, white, and brown tones with gold hardware with wine inspired label.
These stackable storage trunks feature three varying size chests with leather buckle straps, bolted handles and rivet detailing for a realistic touch.
The trunk measures 23L x 14W x 8H, 21L x 11W x 6H, 18L x 8W x 4H inches.
The box weighs 26.68 lbs.

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Vintage Multicolored Wooden Nesting Trunk With Vintage Accents & Studs (Set of 3), 23″, 21″, 18″W

This set of three nesting trunks boasts a vintage-inspired design, featuring a combination of multi-colored wood with faux leather, vintage accents, and studs. The trunks are not only functional for storage but also serve as distinctive decorative pieces with a nostalgic charm.

The trunks are detailed with typography that includes the text “SANT’ ANTIOCO, PINOT GRIGIO VINO DA TAVOLA” and the year “1973.” This wine-label-inspired detail adds a unique and thematic touch to the trunks, evoking the aesthetic of classic wine crates and creating an intriguing focal point.

Nesting Trunk Set With Distressed Multicolored Wood Finish

The trunks feature a multicolored wood finish, adding vibrancy and visual interest to their design. The combination of different hues creates a lively and eclectic look, making these trunks stand out as eye-catching and decorative accents that can complement various interior styles.

The nesting design of the trunks, with sizes ranging from 23″, 21″, to 18″ in width, provides versatility in decorative arrangements. Whether stacked, spread out, or used separately, these trunks offer flexibility in styling, allowing you to create visually appealing displays in different areas of your home.

Distressed Wooden Nesting Trunk Set With Vintage Accents and Studs

Adorned with vintage accents and studs, these trunks are further enhanced in their aesthetic appeal. The detailing contributes to the overall vintage charm, creating a well-crafted and nostalgic look that can serve as a conversation piece in your home decor.

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 14 × 8 in


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