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Raw Gold Metal Flower Vase On Round Pedestal., 21 x 10″
SKU: GDE15482

Raw Gold Metal Flower Vase On Round Pedestal., 21 x 10″


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Metal Aluminum Vase on round pedestal.
Raw Gold finish with curved Trumpet design.
Measures 21 x 10″.
Weighs 12 lbs.
Great Vase for floral Arrangement.

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Elegant Raw Gold Metal Flower Vase On Round Pedestal., 21 x 10″

The elegant tall metal flower vase, adorned with a raw gold finish, injects a timeless charm into any environment. Its sleek trumpet shape elevates its allure, offering a sophisticated profile that effortlessly bridges the gap between contemporary and traditional decors.

This vase is meticulously crafted from premium aluminum, guaranteeing not just visual appeal but also enduring quality. Its aluminum build provides lasting durability and defense against corrosion, ensuring that it remains a cherished home for your floral displays for many years.

Metal Flower Vase On Robust Round Pedestal Base

Supported by a robust pedestal base, the vase achieves a perfect balance of form and function. This base not only contributes to its distinguished look but also guarantees stability for the vase, making it reliable for holding expansive or weighty floral compositions. The design’s elevation commands attention, making the vase a prominent feature in any space.

Decorative Gold Finish Trumpet Vase Centerpiece

The vase’s gold finish introduces a flexible design element, making it a perfect fit for a wide array of color palettes and decorating styles. Whether it’s enhancing a modern living area, greeting guests in a classic entryway, or adding a touch of elegance to a simple office, its finish allows for easy blending with various decor narratives.

Standing tall, this metal flower vase acts as a dramatic decorative element. Its notable height, coupled with the trumpet shape, not only showcases the flowers it houses but also introduces a vertical dynamic to your space, serving as an impressive centerpiece that garners both focus and admiration. The fusion of its towering form and distinctive design delivers a striking visual statement.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 12 in


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