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Rustic Style Tall Metal Floor Vase Set of 3 Brown 50", 35", 26"H
SKU: GDU41720

Rustic Style Tall Metal Floor Vase Set of 3 Brown 50″, 35″, 26″H


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Tall metal floor vase set of 3.
Made of solid metal.
This elongated cylinder shape long neck floor vase features earthen brown color.
The vase measures L:15Lx15Wx50H, M: 12Lx12Wx35H, S:9Lx9Wx26H.
Weighs 26lbs

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The earthen brown metal indoor outdoor tall floor vase set of 3 showcases a beautiful and natural design. The brown color scheme gives it an earthy and rustic feel, adding warmth and character to any indoor or outdoor space. The vases mimic the look and texture of earthenware, bringing a touch of nature indoors.

Made from sturdy metal, making them suitable for use in gardens, patios, or as decorative elements in living rooms, entryways, or hallways.

The set includes three vases of different sizes, providing versatility in decorating. Whether you prefer to display them as a group or individually, the range of sizes allows for creative arrangement options. You can place them together to create an eye-catching focal point or scatter them around your space for a cohesive and balanced look.

The tall floor vases make a striking statement in any setting. Their size and unique design draw attention and add visual interest to the surroundings. You can showcase them as standalone pieces or enhance their visual impact by filling them with dried branches, flowers, or decorative twigs to create a stunning centerpiece.

These vases offer the flexibility to be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, they can be placed in entryways, living rooms, or corners to add an organic touch to the decor. Outdoors, they can be positioned on a patio or garden to complement the natural surroundings and create an inviting atmosphere. Their versatility allows you to enjoy their beauty and functionality in various settings.

Additional information

Weight 26.1 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 50 in


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