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Wooden Box Keepsake Treasure Chest Pirate Nautical Decor (Set of 3), 8", 7", 6″
SKU: GDI23353

Wooden Box Keepsake Treasure Chest Pirate Nautical Decor (Set of 3), 8″, 7″, 6″


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Wooden treasure chest box set of 3.
Measures:L: 8x6x6”, M: 6.75×4.5×4.75”, S:5.5×3.5×3”
Real hardwood and metal accents.
Handcrafted and natural wood item Variations in color and design is possible.

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Classic Wooden Box Keepsake Pirate Treasure Chest (Set of 3), 8″, 7″, 6″

The set of three wooden boxes embraces a pirate and nautical theme, creating a decorative ensemble that evokes the adventurous spirit of the high seas. This thematic design is perfect for those who appreciate maritime decor and elements of exploration.

The boxes are specifically designed as keepsake and treasure chests, making them ideal for storing special mementos, trinkets, or small valuables. The concept adds a touch of mystery and intrigue, encouraging users to use these boxes for cherished items.

Wooden Treasure Chest Box Keepsake With Graduated Sizes for Decorative Variety

The set comprises three boxes with graduated sizes of 8 inches, 7 inches, and 6 inches. This size variation not only adds visual interest but also provides decorative flexibility, allowing for creative arrangements and displays in different spaces.

The inclusion of riveted metal accents enhances the nautical detailing of the boxes. The metal accents contribute to the overall maritime aesthetic, resembling the rugged construction often associated with seafaring and pirate-themed decor.

Functional and Decorative Wooden Treasure Chest Box Keepsake

Beyond their decorative appeal, these boxes serve a functional purpose as storage containers. The combination of practicality and themed design makes them versatile additions to a nautical-themed room, offering both style and utility.

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Weight 4 lbs

1 review for Wooden Box Keepsake Treasure Chest Pirate Nautical Decor (Set of 3), 8″, 7″, 6″

  1. TJ

    Everything about the box was good except the preview picture on the purchase page, which shows the larger box. The dimensions were correct though, so its just a visual issue.

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