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Distressed Gold Wooden Box Starburst Design (Set of 2), 10″, 8″
SKU: GDU53579

Distressed Gold Wooden Box Starburst Design (Set of 2), 10″, 8″


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Wooden Boxes Set of 2.
The box features Starburst Rectangular Carved Geometric Design with distressed gold finish.
Measures 9.85L x 6.40W x 4.30H, 7.95L x 4.45W x 3.45H inches.
Weighs 3.23 lbs.
Handcrafted design.

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Luxurious Distressed Gold Wooden Box Geometric Starburst Design (Set of 2),10″, 8″

These contemporary style wooden boxes feature a captivating starburst design, adding a geometric and modern element to their aesthetic. The intricate pattern enhances the visual appeal, making these boxes stand out as stylish and contemporary decor pieces.

The use of a gold color scheme adds a luxurious touch to the boxes. Gold is often associated with opulence and sophistication, elevating the overall appearance of the set and making it suitable for adding a touch of glamour to your decor.

Distressed Gold Wooden Box Set with Durable MDF and Mango Wood Blend

Crafted from a combination of MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) and mango wood, these boxes offer a balance of durability and natural beauty. Mango wood is known for its attractive grain patterns and sturdiness, while MDF provides stability and a smooth surface for the starburst design.

Distressed Gold Wooden Box Set with Elegant Hinged Lid Design

Designed with hinged lids, these boxes offer both functional storage and elegant aesthetics. The hinged lid design allows for easy access to the contents inside while maintaining a seamless and polished appearance, blending practicality with sophistication.

The set includes two boxes with dimensions of 10 inches and 8 inches in width, providing decorative flexibility. Whether displayed together or separately, the different sizes allow for versatile arrangements, accommodating various storage needs and design preferences.

Additional information

Weight 3.23 lbs
Dimensions 9.85 × 6.4 × 4.3 in


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