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Natural Brown Wood Beaded Candle Holder (Set of 2), 8″, 6″
SKU: GDU24468

Natural Brown Wood Beaded Candle Holder (Set of 2), 8″, 6″


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2pc Wood Pillar Candle Holder set.
Carved wooden candle holder with bead accents in natural wood.
Measures 3.70L x 3.70W x 8.10H, 3.70L x 3.65W x 6.10H inches.
Weighs 2.02 lbs.

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Decorative Natural Brown Wood Beaded Candle Holder (Set of 2), 8″, 6″

The Brown Wood Beaded Pillar Candle Holder Set, featuring two holders measuring 8 inches and 6 inches, is crafted with a combination of fir wood and iron. This blend of materials ensures a sturdy and visually appealing design, adding both natural and industrial elements to your decor.

The wooden pillar candle holders feature carved wood with beaded details. This intricate craftsmanship adds a touch of texture and sophistication to the holders, creating a visually interesting and decorative element. The beaded details contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Beaded Candle Holder Set Featuring Secure Display With Deep Plate Settings

The pillar candle holders are designed with slightly deep plate settings. This thoughtful design feature ensures a secure display for your candles, helping to prevent spillover of candle drippings. It not only enhances the safety of using candles but also maintains the cleanliness of the holders.

This set includes two pillar candle holders, each with varying heights – 8 inches and 6 inches. The size variation allows for creative and dynamic arrangements, whether placed together for a coordinated look or separately to enhance different areas of your living space.

Beaded Wood Candle Holders With Natural Brown Finish For Warmth

The candle holders boast a natural brown finish, adding warmth and a rustic touch to your decor. The brown color complements various home styles, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Whether used as standalone decor or as part of a larger ensemble, these holders contribute to a visually cohesive and harmonious look.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 9 in


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