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Brushed Gold Finish Decorative Ceramic Apple (Set of 3), 6.5", 4.8", 4.5″
SKU: GDE31402

Brushed Gold Finish Decorative Ceramic Apple (Set of 3), 6.5″, 4.8″, 4.5″


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Decorative apples Set of 3.
Made in Ceramic with brush finish.
Gold Color with Brush finish.
Measures 6.5, 4.8,4.5″ inches.
Great gift and kitchen decor.

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Elegant Brushed Gold Finish Ceramic Apple (Set of 3), 6.5″, 4.8″, 4.5″

This decorative set features three ceramic apples with a luxurious gold color and a brushed finish. The brush finish adds a subtle texture and depth to the surface, creating a sophisticated and visually interesting aesthetic for kitchen decor.

Each ceramic apple in the set is adorned with a leaf on top, enhancing the natural and organic appeal of the apples. The inclusion of the leaf, combined with the brush finish, adds realism and contributes to the overall elegance of the decorative arrangement.

Kitchen Decor with Brushed Gold Ceramic Apple Set

The set includes apples of different sizes, measuring 6.5 inches, 4.8 inches, and 4.5 inches, respectively. The varied sizes offer versatility in placement within the kitchen decor, allowing for creative arrangements on countertops, shelves, or dining tables.

Specifically designed for kitchen decor, these ceramic apples in brushed gold bring an element of understated luxury. The brushed finish not only adds texture but also catches and reflects light, enhancing the overall elegance and sophistication of the decorative fruit set.

Quality Craftsmanship Of The Brushed Gold Ceramic Apple Set

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each ceramic apple showcases quality craftsmanship. The combination of the gold color, brush finish, and leaf design results in a high-quality decor piece that adds a touch of glamour to kitchen spaces.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 10 in


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