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Aluminum Ship Wall Clock 12″D


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Aluminum ship wheel clock.
Features a ship wheel design with 6 spokes in silver chrome finish.
The clock measures 11.75L x 2W x 11.7H inches.
Weighs 1.52 lbs.
Battery operated analog clock.

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Ship Wheel Design: The Aluminum Ship Wall Clock, measuring 12″ in diameter, features a distinctive ship wheel design with six spokes. This nautical-inspired design adds a maritime theme to the clock, creating a unique and visually appealing decorative piece. The ship wheel motif contributes to a sense of adventure and seafaring charm.

Silver Chrome Finish: The clock showcases a silver chrome finish, adding a sleek and modern touch to the overall design. The silver chrome finish enhances the clock’s contemporary aesthetic, making it suitable for various interior styles. The polished appearance adds a touch of sophistication to the nautical-inspired piece.

Battery Operated Analog Clock: The wall clock operates using batteries, providing convenience and flexibility in placement. The analog clock mechanism offers a traditional and timeless way of telling time. The battery-operated feature eliminates the need for electrical outlets, allowing for versatile placement on walls without constraints.

Versatile 12-Inch Diameter: With a diameter of 12 inches, this wall clock is versatile in its size, making it suitable for a range of spaces. The clock is large enough to make a statement on the wall, yet not overly imposing. Its size allows for placement in various rooms, from living areas to offices, contributing to a nautical-inspired decor theme.

Nautical Decor Focal Point: The ship wheel design and silver chrome finish make this wall clock a focal point in nautical decor settings. Whether placed in beach houses, coastal homes, or rooms with a maritime theme, the clock becomes a standout feature that adds character and charm to the surroundings. It serves as both a functional timepiece and a decorative element with a nautical twist.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 12 in


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