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Black Antique Iron Padlock With Keys, 2.75″
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Black Antique Iron Padlock With Keys, 2.75″


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Antique lock with 2 skeleton keys.
Handcrafted padlock in iron with black finish.
Measures 2.75H x 1.6L x.6W inches.
Lock shaft 1/4″ approx.
Weighs 0.25lbs.
Handcrafted lock slight variations are possible.

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Versatile Black Antique Iron Padlock With Keys, 2.75″

The padlock boasts a vintage-inspired design, imparting a nostalgic and classic aesthetic. This timeless look makes it an ideal choice for projects that appreciate an enduring style.

Constructed from antique iron, the padlock not only exudes a vintage appearance but also offers durability and strength. The use of antique iron ensures that the padlock can withstand different uses and projects.

Versatile Black Antique Iron Padlock With Two Keys

Standing at 2.75 inches tall, the padlock is compact, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Its smaller size makes it versatile for securing cabinets, gun safes, luggage trunks, and other storage items where space might be constrained.

The padlock comes with 2 skeleton keys, providing a reliable fully functional locking mechanism for applications where security is crucial, such as locking cabinets or securing storage spaces. The keys are designed to fit the lock precisely, providing a secure locking mechanism and enhancing its practical value.

Black Antique Iron Padlock With Keys: Unique Design

Overall, the padlock’s design is perfect for a range of uses, from cabinets and gun safes to luggage trunks and storage locks. Its vintage-inspired appearance adds character to different settings, making it both a practical and stylish choice. The padlock classic design harkens back to the bygone era of jailers and old trunk making it a perfect decorative piece for historical decor themes and adding an element of authenticity and charm.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 1 in


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