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Black And White Ceramic Decorative Orbs (Set of 6), 3″D
SKU: GDU40777

Black And White Ceramic Decorative Orbs (Set of 6), 3″D


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Decorative Orbs Set of 6.
Measure 3″ diameter.
Made of Ceramic.
White and Black oriental style.
Great decor for home or office.
Weighs 3l bs.

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Decorative Black And White Ceramic Orbs (Set of 6), 3″ D

Constructed from glazed ceramic in contrasting shades of black and white, these decorative orbs are meticulously handcrafted, boasting a lustrous glossy finish. This craftsmanship imbues the orbs with both an air of sophistication and a robustness that suits both ornamental and practical purposes.

Adorned with intricate floral motifs inspired by Oriental aesthetics, this collection of 6 orbs is a testament to artistic and cultural finesse. Each orb features unique, detailed floral designs, rendering the set a captivating and visually engaging array.

Compact and Versatile Decorative Black And White Orbs Set

Comprising six pieces, this set offers a harmonious yet adaptable decorating solution. The orbs’ unified theme allows for imaginative setups, whether grouped in a single container or scattered across various spaces, enhancing the cohesive visual narrative of the environment.

Measuring 3 inches in diameter, these ceramic orbs present a compact, versatile option for decor. Their size ensures they can easily be integrated into a range of spaces, whether as accents within a vase or as stand-alone decorative elements, offering flexibility in interior design arrangements.

Decorative Black Oriental Orbs Set With Glossy Finish for Elegance

The orbs’ glossy finish not only amplifies their luxurious appeal but also accentuates their sophisticated charm. This polished surface reflects light beautifully, adding to the overall elegance and refined atmosphere of the space they adorn.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in


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