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Pear Kitchen Decor Copper 12″


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Decorative 3 pc Pear in metal and wood stand.
Features copper finish with leaf motif.
Measures 12L X 4W X8.5H inches.
Great decor for kitchen and home.

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Copper Finish Elegance: The three pear kitchen decor set features a stunning copper finish, adding an elegant and luxurious touch to your kitchen decor. The warm tones of copper bring a sense of sophistication and visual appeal to the overall design.

Realistic Pear Shapes: Crafted with attention to detail, each pear in the set is shaped realistically, capturing the natural curves and contours of real pears. This attention to realism enhances the authenticity of the decor, creating a lifelike and aesthetically pleasing display.

Set of Three Pears: The kitchen decor set includes three pears, providing a balanced and visually interesting arrangement. The use of multiple pears adds symmetry and completeness to the design, making it a cohesive and harmonious ensemble.

Wooden Base for Stability: Mounted on a wooden base, the copper-finished pears not only showcase their beauty but also ensure stability. The wooden base adds a rustic and natural element to the overall composition while keeping the pears securely in place.

Versatile Decorative Piece: This kitchen decor set serves as a versatile decorative piece. It can be placed on countertops, shelves, or dining tables, instantly elevating the aesthetic of your kitchen space. The timeless combination of copper and wood makes it suitable for various decor styles.

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Dimensions 12 in


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