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Black Resin Chess Bookends with King and Queen


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Chess themed Bookends King and queen.
Crafted in solid polystone with black finish.
Measures 5L x 4W x 8H, 5L x 4W x 8H inches.
Weighs 4.2lbs.

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Chess-Themed Design: The black polystone bookends feature a chess-themed design, specifically showcasing the iconic figures of the King and Queen chess pieces. This thematic choice adds a touch of intellectual and strategic flair to your bookshelf, making them an ideal decorative accessory for chess enthusiasts or those who appreciate classic games.

Polystone Material for Aesthetic Appeal: Crafted from polystone, these bookends offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance with a finish that mimics the look of stone. The material not only adds to the bookends’ visual appeal but also provides a durable and solid feel, ensuring their longevity.

King and Queen Figurines for Distinctive Detailing: The inclusion of detailed King and Queen chess piece figurines enhances the bookends’ decorative appeal. The intricately crafted chess pieces add a level of sophistication and uniqueness to the design, making these bookends stand out as distinctive and artistic elements.

Contrasting Black Color Scheme: The black color scheme of the bookends adds a classic and timeless quality to their appearance. The dark hue not only complements various decor styles but also creates a bold contrast, allowing the chess pieces to visually pop against the dark background, making them a focal point on your bookshelf.

Functional and Decorative Fusion: These chess-themed bookends successfully combine functionality with decoration. While serving the primary purpose of keeping your books organized, the King and Queen chess pieces also contribute to the overall decorative theme, adding a sense of intellectual intrigue and a playful touch to your home decor.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 in


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