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Brass Gimbal Compass Brown Wooden Box, 4.5″
SKU: GDI48402

Brass Gimbal Compass Brown Wooden Box, 4.5″


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Brass Gimbal Compass.
Features a brown wooden box with white and black dial.
Measures 4.5×3.5 inches.
Display item with functional parts compass.
Excellent gift and add on to any maritime collection.

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Elegant Brass Gimbal Compass in Brown Wooden Box, 4.5″

The Brass Gimbal Compass comes presented in a wooden box, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the nautical decor. The wooden box, with a brown finish, not only serves as a protective casing but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, creating a complete and elegant presentation.

The compass, measuring 4.5 inches, is compact and fits snugly within the wooden box. This compact size makes it easy to place on desks, shelves, or any desired surface. The portability of the compass allows you to incorporate it into various decor arrangements, bringing a touch of maritime charm to different spaces.

Gold Finish Gimbal Compass with White Dial

The wooden box features a brown finish, adding warmth and a classic touch to the overall presentation. The brown color complements the gold finish of the compass, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing combination. The wooden box not only protects the compass but also serves as a decorative element.

The compass itself features a gold finish, bringing an element of luxury and elegance. The white dial enhances visibility and readability, creating a classic and timeless look. The combination of gold and white contributes to the vintage aesthetic, capturing the essence of traditional maritime instruments.

Ideal for Display and Gifting: Brass Gimbal Compass in Brown Wooden Box

The Brass Gimbal Compass in the wooden box is not only a functional navigational tool but also an ideal decor piece for display. The complete set, with the compass nestled in the brown-finished wooden box, makes it an excellent choice for gifting. Whether for maritime enthusiasts or as a decorative item, this compass set is sure to be appreciated for its aesthetic and functional qualities.

Additional information

Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 4.5 in


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