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Brass Gimbal Compass 7″ Antique Finish


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Antique Brass Gimbal Compass.
Has marking A. Hobbs London.
Display compass with functional parts.
Measures 7 X 4 inches.
Excellent gift and add on to any maritime collection.

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Gimbal Compass Design: The Brass Gimbal Compass, measuring 7 inches, boasts a classic and functional gimbal design. This design allows the compass to remain level and accurate, even when the surface it’s placed on is tilted. The gimbal mechanism adds both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality to the compass.

Antique Finish: Featuring an antique finish, this brass compass exudes a timeless and vintage charm. The antique finish adds an aged patina to the brass, creating an appearance that evokes the elegance of antique nautical instruments. The weathered look contributes to the compass’s nostalgic aesthetic.

Bronze Dial: The compass is adorned with a bronze dial, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to the overall design. The bronze gold hue complements the antique finish of the brass, creating a cohesive and harmonious color scheme. The dial is clear and legible, enhancing the compass’s functionality.

Compact 7-Inch Size: With a compact size of 7 inches, this brass gimbal compass is portable and versatile. Its smaller dimensions make it suitable for various uses, such as desk decor, nautical displays, or as a functional compass for navigation. The compact size adds to its charm and makes it an accessible piece for enthusiasts.

Nautical Elegance: This brass gimbal compass not only serves as a functional navigation tool but also embodies nautical elegance. The combination of the gimbal design, antique finish, and brown gold dial creates a sophisticated and maritime-inspired aesthetic. Whether displayed in a study, office, or as part of a nautical collection, it adds a touch of seafaring allure to the surroundings.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 in


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