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Brass US Navy Bell Gold 7″W


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Brass Bell US Navy.
Features US Navy engraved on the Antique gold finish bell.
Comes with a handcrafted rope tassel.
Measures 7″H.
Make sweet loud sound.

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Antique Gold Finish: The Brass US Navy Bell features an antique gold finish, giving it a vintage and weathered appearance. The antique gold adds character and charm, creating a sense of history and authenticity reminiscent of classic naval artifacts.

Hand-Knotted Rope Tassel: The inclusion of a hand-knotted rope tassel enhances the nautical theme and adds a tactile and decorative element to the bell. The intricate knotting showcases craftsmanship, providing an extra layer of authenticity and visual interest.

Nautical Symbolism: As a replica of US Navy bells, this antique gold bell carries significant nautical symbolism. It represents naval traditions, history, and the maritime heritage of the United States Navy, making it a meaningful and patriotic decor piece.

Moderate Size (7″): Measuring at 7 inches, this Navy Bell strikes a balance between making a statement and maintaining a moderate size. This size is large enough to be noticed and appreciated as a focal point while remaining versatile enough for placement in various spaces.

Versatile Display: The bell comes with a hand-knotted rope for easy hanging and display. Whether suspended from a wall hook, displayed on a shelf, or incorporated into a nautical-themed vignette, this US Navy Bell offers flexibility in how it can be showcased.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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