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Brown Wood Accent Table with Black Metal Pedestal 15″ x 15″ x 25″


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Round wood metal accent table.
Wooden top is painted with a white abstract pattern and mounted on a sturdy black metal stand.
Measures 15.35L x 15.35W x 25.10H inches.
Weighs 9.28 lbs.

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Contrasting Materials: The accent table combines brown wood and black metal to create a visually striking and contrasting design. The combination of these materials adds a modern and industrial touch to the overall aesthetic.

Wooden Top with Abstract Pattern: The wooden top of the accent table features a unique touch with a white abstract pattern. This artistic detail enhances the table’s visual appeal, making it more than just a functional piece but also a decorative element in your space.

Sturdy Black Metal Stand: The wooden top is securely mounted on a sturdy black metal pedestal stand. This not only provides stability and durability but also contributes to the table’s contemporary and sleek look.

Compact Dimensions: With dimensions of 15″ x 15″ x 25″, this accent table is designed to be compact and versatile. Its size makes it suitable for various spaces, allowing you to place it as a side table, end table, or wherever you need a stylish surface.

Modern and Industrial Aesthetic: The combination of the abstract pattern, brown wood, and black metal gives the accent table a modern and industrial aesthetic. It becomes a functional piece of furniture that also adds a touch of contemporary style to your home decor.

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Weight 9.28 lbs
Dimensions 15.35 × 15.35 × 25.10 in


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