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Brown Wood Carved Half Moon Console Table, 44″ x 16″ x 31″
SKU: GDU94353

Brown Wood Carved Half Moon Console Table, 44″ x 16″ x 31″


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Carved wooden half circle console table.
Accentuates a half round form with arrow foot leg stands and braided skirt carvings.
Whitewash finish.
Measures 44L x 15.70W x 30.50H inches.
Weighs 14.50 lbs.

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Wood Carved Half Moon Console Table: Durable Construction & Whitewashed Natural Wood Brown Finish

The console table is crafted from a combination of iron, fir, and pinewood, ensuring a solid and durable structure. This sturdy construction contributes to the table’s longevity and stability.

The table features a whitewashed natural wood brown finish, providing a rustic and vintage aesthetic. The whitewashing adds a touch of elegance to the table while allowing the natural wood grain to show through.

Brown Finish Console Table: Intricately Carved Floral Details & White Accent Details

The console table stands out with intricately carved floral and braided skirt details. These carved elements add a layer of sophistication and intricate craftsmanship to the table, enhancing its overall visual appeal.

White accent details on the table further highlight the carved features and contribute to a visually interesting contrast against the brown wood. This detailing adds a touch of refinement to the overall design.

Carved Wooden Half Circle Console Table: Arrow Foot Leg Stands

The half-circle console table is supported by arrow foot leg stands, providing both stability and a distinctive design element. The legs are also finished in whitewashed tones, creating a cohesive look with the rest of the table’s design.

Additional information

Weight 14.50 lbs
Dimensions 44.00 × 15.70 × 30.50 in


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