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Brown Wooden Room Divider Partition Screen, 80″ X 1″ X 72″
SKU: GDU34006

Brown Wooden Room Divider Partition Screen, 80″ X 1″ X 72″


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Wooden Room Divider Partition Screen.
Brown room divider screen is crafted from solid wood and mdf for a durable design.
Features a floral cut-out design with bar partitions in each panel in an arched structure for a refine style
Measures 80L x 1W x 72H inches.
Weighs 44lbs.

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Wooden Room Divider: Solid Wood and MDF Construction & Natural Wood Brown Finish

The room divider is crafted from a combination of solid wood and MDF, ensuring a durable and sturdy design. This construction enhances the longevity of the divider, making it a reliable and lasting addition to your space.

The room divider is characterized by a natural wood brown finish, adding warmth and a timeless aesthetic to its overall appearance. This finish allows the divider to seamlessly blend with various decor styles, contributing to a cozy atmosphere.

Brown Room Divider Screen: Floral Cut-Out Design & Bar Partitions

The large 4-panel room divider features a floral cut-out design in each panel. This intricate and decorative element adds a touch of elegance and visual interest to the divider, creating a charming and sophisticated partition within the room.

Each panel is adorned with bar partitions, enhancing the structural design of the room divider. These partitions contribute to the overall aesthetic, creating a balance between openness and defined spaces within the arched structure.

Solid Wooden Room Divider: Refined Arched Structure

The room divider incorporates an arched structure, providing a refined and stylish appearance. The arched design adds a sense of sophistication to the room divider, making it not only a functional piece but also a decorative focal point in the room.

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 20 × 8 in


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