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SKU: GDU32757

Ceramic Handmade Chevron Vase Set of 2 Dark Blue 11″, 8″H


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Ceramic Vase set of 2.
Angled hexagon silhouette with carved chevron patterns.
Features Glossy Navy-blue finish.
Measures 5.60L x 5.60W x 10.65H, 5L x 5.10W x 8.25H inches.
Weighs 3.69 lbs.

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Solid Ceramic Stoneware Vases: Crafted from solid ceramic stoneware, these vases ensure durability and a substantial feel. The use of stoneware adds a quality element to the decorative pieces, ensuring they withstand the test of time.

Glossy Navy Blue Finish: The vases feature a striking glossy navy blue finish, adding a bold and vibrant color to your decor. The glossy surface enhances the visual appeal of the vases, making them eye-catching and stylish.

Chevron Carved Patterns: Each vase is adorned with intricate chevron carved patterns, providing a touch of texture and visual interest. The chevron design adds a contemporary and dynamic element to the vases’ overall aesthetic.

Semi-Opaque Dark Brown Glaze: Around the openings of the vases, a semi-opaque dark brown glaze is applied, creating a captivating contrast with the navy blue. This detail adds depth and sophistication to the vases’ design, making them stand out.

Angled Hexagon Silhouette: The vases boast an angled hexagon silhouette, offering a unique and modern shape. This distinctive form contributes to the overall contemporary style of the vases, making them a standout decor accessory. Additionally, rubber stoppers at the base prevent scuffs and sliding, ensuring stability and protection for your surfaces.

Additional information

Weight 3.69 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 12 in


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