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Green Ceramic Vase with Lid 12″


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Ceramic vase with lid
Features Textured rustic green finish with olive leaves motif.
Measures 12 X 6.5 inch.
Weighs 2.86 lbs.
Great decor for home or office.

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Vivid Green Finish: The ceramic vase features a striking vivid green finish, adding a vibrant and lively touch to your decor. The bold color makes it a standout piece that can easily become a focal point in any room.

Intricate Black Oval Leaf Designs: Enhancing the visual appeal, the vase is adorned with intricate black oval leaf designs. These artistic patterns create a sense of nature-inspired elegance, bringing a touch of the outdoors into your interior space.

Lid with Finial: The vase comes with a lid featuring a finial. This design element not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also serves a functional purpose by providing a covered top, allowing you to showcase the vase with or without the lid.

Artful Contrasts: The combination of the green finish and black oval leaf designs creates a captivating contrast. This play of colors adds depth and dimension to the vase, making it a dynamic and eye-catching addition to your home decor.

Versatile 12-Inch Size: With a height of 12 inches, this ceramic vase strikes a balance between being a substantial decorative piece and maintaining versatility. Its size allows for placement on various surfaces, making it suitable for different rooms and styling arrangements.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 in


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