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SKU: GDE30851

Green Ceramic Vase with Lid 12″


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Ceramic vase texture patterned.
Features green finish with black royal designs around the vase.
Measures 12 X 7 X 3 inch.
Weighs 3.74 lbs.
Great decor for home or office.

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Textured Green Finish: The ceramic vase features a textured green finish that adds depth and visual interest to its surface. The texture creates a tactile element, enhancing the overall sensory experience and making it a captivating piece in your decor.

Elegant 12-Inch Height: Standing at a height of 12 inches, this vase strikes an elegant balance between being noticeable and fitting seamlessly into various spaces. Its moderate height makes it a versatile decor item suitable for shelves, tables, or display cabinets.

Intricate Black Royal Designs: Surrounding the vase, intricate black royal designs enhance its aesthetic appeal. These detailed patterns contribute to the vase’s elegance and sophistication, creating a harmonious contrast with the textured green background.

Functional Lid: The vase comes with a functional lid, adding a practical element to its design. The lid not only serves a utilitarian purpose but also introduces versatility in styling options, allowing you to choose whether to display the vase with or without the lid.

Versatile Decor Accent: With its textured finish, intricate designs, and functional lid, this green ceramic vase becomes a versatile decor accent. Whether used as a standalone piece or part of a curated arrangement, it brings a touch of refinement and sophistication to your home.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 in


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