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Yellow & Off-White Ceramic Vase Floral, 13.78"H x 8.075''W
SKU: GDE30430

Yellow & Off-White Ceramic Vase Floral, 13.78″H x 8.075”W


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Ceramic vase in rustic style.
A distressed ceramic vase in floral design.
Features yellow and off-white finish with leaf accent.
Measures 13.78H x8.07 5W inches.
Weighs 3.2 lbs.

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Yellow & Off-White Ceramic Vase, 13.75″: Floral Charm & Distressed Finish

The 13.75-inch ceramic vase boasts a delightful floral motif, adding a touch of natural charm to its design. The floral pattern enhances the aesthetic appeal, creating a visually pleasing and decorative accessory.

Featuring a distressed yellow and off-white finish, the vase exudes a vintage and weathered look. The distressed aesthetic adds character and a sense of history to the vase, making it an intriguing element in your home decor.

Yellow & Off-White Ceramic Vase, 13.75″: Versatile Size & Timeless Elegance

With a height of 13.75 inches, this ceramic vase strikes a balance between being substantial enough to make a statement and maintaining versatility. The size allows for various floral arrangements, making it suitable for different spaces and styling preferences.

The combination of the floral pattern and distressed finish contributes to the vase’s timeless elegance. It becomes a versatile decor piece that seamlessly integrates into both traditional and contemporary settings, offering enduring style.

Yellow & Off-White Ceramic Vase, 13.75″: Eye-Catching Color Palette

The choice of distressed yellow and off-white colors creates an eye-catching and harmonious color palette. The warm tones bring vibrancy and positivity to the surroundings, making the vase not just a vessel but a piece of art that enhances the overall ambiance.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13.75 × 8 × 8 in


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