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White, Gray & Red Polyresin Decorative Hen Figurine, 11″


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Hen figurine.
Measures 11×8.7×5.3″.
Made of Resin.
Handcrafted Rustic colors.
Great Outdoor decor for Garden, farmhouse & patio.

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Unique White, Gray & Red Polyresin Decorative Hen Figurine, 11″”

Crafted from durable resin and metal the Decorative Rooster Figurine ensures a robust and enduring decorative piece. Resin allows for intricate detailing in the design while providing the strength needed for both indoor and outdoor displays.

Standing at a height of 11 inches, the rooster figurine possesses a moderate size, making it suitable for various decor arrangements. Its dimensions offer versatility in placement, whether on tabletops, shelves, or as part of larger decorative displays.

Durable Resin Multicolor Hen Figurine

The figurine boasts a multi-color design with a predominantly white base complemented by ash gray and red hues. This color combination adds vibrancy and visual appeal to the rooster figurine, creating a lively and charming aesthetic that can enhance a variety of decor themes.

The use of resin allows for intricate detailing in the rooster figurine’s design. From the feathers to the comb and wattles, each detail is carefully crafted, contributing to the overall realism and artistic quality of the piece. The combination of white, ash gray, and red colors enhances the figurine’s visual appeal.

Versatile And Decorative 11″” Hen Figurine

With its multi-color design and moderate size, the Resin Decorative Rooster Figurine is versatile in its decorative use. It can be displayed in kitchens, dining areas, or as part of farmhouse-inspired decor. The combination of colors and detailed craftsmanship makes it a delightful addition to various interior settings.


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