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SKU: GDU51992

Metal Planter Hammered Set of 2 Gold 17″, 19″H


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Metal Planter Hammered design set of 2.
Gold metal planter highlights cylindrical hammered design in classic gold finish with round bottoms.
Features planter stands with x-shaped supports.
Measures 9.85L x 9.35W x 16.60H, 10.75L x 10.75W x 18.80H inches.
Weighs 8.47 lbs.

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Elegant Gold Duo: This set of 2 gold metal planters, measuring 17 and 19 inches in height, introduces an element of elegance to your interior decor. The classic gold finish with a glossy coating adds a touch of sophistication, making them suitable for any neutral-toned interior.

Cylindrical Hammered Metal Pots: The planters showcase cylindrical hammered metal pots in a timeless gold finish. The hammered design adds texture and visual interest to the surface, creating a dynamic and luxurious look. The round bottoms of the pots contribute to their classic and graceful appearance.

Removable Stand with X-Shaped Supports: Each planter comes with a removable stand featuring x-shaped supports. The stands provide stability and a stylish lift to the cylindrical pots, adding an extra layer of design to the ensemble. The removable feature allows for flexible display options.

Versatile Size Range: With heights of 17 and 19 inches, this set of gold planters offers a versatile size range. Whether displayed together or separately, they can be placed in various locations to create a cohesive and visually appealing arrangement.

Neutral-Toned Interior Enhancement: The gold finish and hammered design of these metal planters enhance the elegance of any neutral-toned interior.

Additional information

Weight 9.35 lbs
Dimensions 9.85 × 9.35 × 16.60 in


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