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Dark Brown Floral Ornate Decorative Bowl, 23″ x 11″


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Decorative ornate bowl with handles.
This Brown floral bowl is molded in resin and poly stone materials.
Ornate metallic floral patterns as base and handle adorn this kantharos-inspired bowl.
Measures 23.05L x 9.95W x 10.70H inches.
Weighs 6.18 lbs.

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Rich Dark Brown Floral Ornate Decorative Bowl, 23″ x 11″

The decorative bowl is characterized by rich dark brown hues that contribute to its warm and sophisticated appearance. The deep tones enhance the overall aesthetic, creating a sense of depth and elegance in the piece.

The bowl features metallic and crackled finish patterns, adding texture and visual interest to its surface. The combination of metallic elements and crackled finishes creates a dynamic and artful effect, elevating the bowl’s design to a unique and captivating level.

Brown Floral Pattern And Kantharos-Inspired Design Decorative Ornate Bowl

The bowl is adorned with ornate floral patterns that serve as both a base and handle. These intricate floral details contribute to the overall beauty of the piece, infusing it with a sense of nature-inspired elegance. The floral motifs add a touch of femininity and grace to the design.

Drawing inspiration from kangaroos, an ancient Greek drinking vessel, the bowl’s design pays homage to classical aesthetics. The kangaroos-inspired shape adds a timeless and cultural dimension to the piece, making it a conversation-worthy decorative item.

Decorative Dark Brown Ornate Bowl With Floral and Acanthus Details

In addition to floral patterns, the bowl features acanthus details that further enhance its classical and ornate character. Acanthus leaves a common motif in classical architecture and art, contribute to the bowl’s overall sense of opulence and classical beauty.

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Weight 6.18 lbs
Dimensions 23.05 × 9.95 × 10.70 in


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