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Garden Swan Sculpture 32″W, 17″H


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Romancing Swan pair sculpture.

Floating swan couple with their heads and beaks forming a heart shape at the center.

Made of weather resistant MGO ceramic.

Measures 32.25L x 7.35W x 16.95H inches.

Weighs 9.59 lbs.

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Ceramic Construction: Crafted from magnesium oxide ceramic the Romantic Swan Couple Garden Sculpture ensures both durability and intricate detailing. Magnesium oxide provides a lightweight yet sturdy material, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor display.

Charming Heart Shape Design: The sculpture features a romantic design where the necks and heads of the swan couple form a heart shape. This delightful and charming detail adds a touch of romance and symbolism to the sculpture, making it an ideal choice for garden or indoor spaces.

Distressed White Body: The swan couple is adorned with a distressed white finish, contributing to a vintage and timeless aesthetic. The distressed look adds character and a sense of history to the sculpture, enhancing its overall charm and appeal.

Flaxen Yellow Beak: The inclusion of flaxen yellow beaks adds a pop of color to the sculpture. The contrast between the distressed white body and the flaxen yellow beaks creates visual interest and highlights the intricate detailing of the swan couple’s features.

Dimensions: With dimensions of 32″ x 7″ x 17″, the swan sculpture has a substantial size that makes it a noticeable and impactful feature in both indoor and outdoor settings. Its larger dimensions contribute to its ability to serve as a focal point, creating a romantic and visually appealing accent in various environments.

Additional information

Weight 7.35 lbs
Dimensions 32.25 × 7.35 × 16.95 in


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