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Copper Finish Glass And Metal Scroll Design Serving Bowl, 5″ X 27″ X 15″
SKU: GDU68505

Copper Finish Glass And Metal Scroll Design Serving Bowl, 5″ X 27″ X 15″


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Kitchen Serving Bowl with Metal Scroll design stand.
Glass bowl features rectangle shape with copper finish scrollwork frame.
Carved tempered glass with scalloped edges and welded metal legs.
Measures 27″L x 15″W x 5″H inches.
Weighs 19.6 lbs.

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Elegant Copper Finish Glass and Metal Serving Bowl Scroll Design, 5″ X 27″ X 15″

The serving bowl is crafted from a combination of glass and metal materials, creating a sophisticated and elegant composition. This blend of materials adds visual interest and texture to the bowl, making it a versatile and stylish serving piece.
The metal frame surrounding the bowl is adorned with a copper finish, enhancing its vintage appeal. The copper finish not only adds warmth and richness to the design but also contributes to the traditional and timeless aesthetic of the serving bowl.

Vintage Charm of Copper-Finished Metal And Glass Serving Bowl

The copper finish on the metal frame imparts a vintage flavor to the serving bowl. This nostalgic touch adds character and charm, making the bowl suitable for traditional or classic-themed settings. It becomes a statement piece that stands out with its timeless design.

Scrolling details grace the metal frame, adding an element of elegance and sophistication to the serving bowl. The intricate and graceful curves of the scrolling details contribute to the overall ornate and decorative nature of the piece, elevating its visual appeal.

Versatile Glass Serving Bowl With Copper Scroll Design

With dimensions of 5″ x 27″ x 15″, the serving bowl boasts a versatile size and shape. Its ample size makes it suitable for serving a variety of dishes, while the overall design ensures it can enhance the presentation of your culinary creations on any dining or serving occasion.

Additional information

Weight 19.6 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 14.5 × 5 in


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