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Brown, Gold & Red Polyresin Prancing Horse Figurine, 16.5″


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Decorative horse sculpture.
Prancing horse statue with ornate saddle.
Features rustic brown color with gold and red saddle on a rectangular base.
Measures 12.75 x 16.5 x 3.75″.
Made of Resin.
Weighs 3lbs.

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Elegant Brown, Gold & Red Polyresin Prancing Horse Figurine, 16.5”

The ornate saddle-adorned brown resin horse statue beautifully encapsulates the elegance and dynamism of a horse with remarkable lifelikeness. The detailed articulation of the horse’s attributes, including its flowing mane, soulful eyes, and defined musculature, offers a true-to-life depiction that inspires wonder and appreciation. The brown hue enhances the figure’s realism, rendering it an impressive decorative item.

Adorned with a lavishly detailed saddle, the statue gains an additional layer of refinement and distinction. This saddle, with its elaborate patterns and embellishments, boosts the aesthetic allure of the piece. It becomes the centerpiece, highlighting the exceptional artistry and meticulous attention to detail present in the statue.

16.5” Longlasting Resin Prancing Horse Figurine On Rectangular Base

Constructed from resilient resin, this horse statue is designed for longevity. Resin’s robustness and capacity to capture and preserve complex details ensure the statue remains in pristine condition and visually striking over time. Furthermore, the resin provides a polished surface and texture, elevating the overall feel and quality of the statue.

16.5” Resin Prancing Horse Statue With Ornate Saddle

This ornate saddle-bearing brown resin horse statue emerges as a versatile decorative element, suitable for display in a variety of settings such as mantels, shelves, or tables, bringing a refined and elegant touch to any room. Whether situated in a living area, office, or bedroom, it stands as a focal piece that adapts to various decorating themes, from classic to modern or eclectic. Its enduring charm and intricate detail not only spark conversations but also make it a mesmerizing feature in any domestic or professional environment.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 17 × 6 in


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