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Metal wood ladder storge on wheels.
Ladder features a vertical display frame on a trestle inspired base with four smooth wheels.
This item measures 18.38L x 16.25W x 61.38H inches.
Weighs 10.43 lbs.

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Industrial-Chic Design: The metal wood 4-rack ladder with wheels features an industrial-chic design that seamlessly blends matte black metal and natural brown wood. This combination creates a stylish and contemporary look that complements various decor styles, adding a touch of modern sophistication to your space.

Functional 4-Rack Design: With four racks or shelves, this ladder provides ample storage space for displaying and organizing items. The wooden rungs serve as sturdy shelves, offering a practical solution for showcasing decorative items, plants, books, or other essentials in a stylish manner.

Matte Black Metal Frame for Durability: The ladder is constructed with a matte black metal frame, providing durability and stability. The metal frame not only ensures the structural integrity of the ladder but also adds an edgy and sleek element to the overall design, enhancing its modern aesthetic.

Natural Brown Wood Rungs for Warmth: The natural brown wood rungs or shelves add warmth and a rustic touch to the ladder. The combination of metal and wood creates a balanced contrast, making the ladder visually interesting while maintaining a cozy and inviting atmosphere, especially with the natural tones of the brown wood.

Wheeled Base for Mobility: The inclusion of wheels at the base of the ladder enhances its mobility and versatility. This feature allows you to easily move the ladder around your space, making it a flexible and dynamic piece of furniture. The wheeled base adds a practical element, enabling you to change the arrangement or use the ladder in different areas of your home.

Additional information

Weight 10.43 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 20 in


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