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Metal Clutter Palm Leaf Wall Decor with Texture 35″ x 1″ x 34″


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Metal leaf wall decor
This wall art accentuates a bouquet of palm leaves with textured pattern.
Highlights bright tawny brown finish with black accent finish for realistic texture.
Measures 35L x 1W x 34H inches.
Weighs 2.89 lbs.

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Durable Iron Construction: Crafted from solid iron, this palm leaf wall decor is built to last. The use of robust materials ensures the longevity and sturdiness of the piece, providing a durable and reliable addition to your home decor.

Realistic Texture: The metal wall decor features a bright tawny brown finish with a black accent finish, creating a realistic texture reminiscent of natural palm leaves. The combination of colors and distressed textures adds depth and authenticity to the design, enhancing its visual appeal.

Detailed Carvings: The brown wall decor showcases five intricately carved leaf sculptures, each bundled by their stems. The attention to detail is evident in the curved shapes, indentations for leaf veins, and textural variations in light and dark brown finishes. These details contribute to the lifelike and artful representation of palm leaves.

Generous Dimensions: With dimensions measuring 32″ x 1″ x 36″, this wall decor offers a substantial size that allows it to make a significant visual impact. The generous proportions make it an eye-catching focal point, and the intricate details become more pronounced, adding to the overall allure of the piece.

Versatile Design: The versatile design of this palm leaf wall decor makes it suitable for various interior styles. Whether you have a tropical-themed space or want to bring a touch of nature into a more neutral setting, the brown metal leaf clutter wall decor seamlessly blends with different decor aesthetics.

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Weight 2.89 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 1 × 34 in


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