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SKU: GDU35880

Metal Cut-out Geometric Wall Decor Set of 4 Black 17″W, 17″H


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Wood metal wall decor set of 4.
Square shaped geometric wall decor in wooden frame in cutwork design.
Features a natural brown border with matte black metal accents.
Measures 16.50L x 1.25W x 16.50H, 16.50L x 1.25W x 16.50H, 16.50L x 1.25W x 16.50H, 16.50L x 1.25W x 16.50H”.
Weighs 4.0 lbs.

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Solid Metal Frame: The wall decor is constructed with a solid metal frame, ensuring durability and sturdiness. This robust frame provides a stable structure for the geometric cut-out design, enhancing the longevity of the decorative piece.

Wooden Border: The inclusion of a natural brown wooden border adds warmth and contrast to the design. The combination of metal and wood creates a visually appealing juxtaposition, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the wall decor.

Geometric Cut-Out Design: The set of four wall decor pieces features a geometric cut-out design. This modern and stylish pattern adds a contemporary flair to the decor, making it suitable for various interior styles. The intricate cut-out shapes create visual interest and sophistication.

Matte Black Metal Accents: The matte black metal accents provide a sleek and sophisticated touch to the wall decor. This color choice adds a sense of modernity and complements the natural brown and wooden elements, creating a balanced and cohesive look.

Set of 4 – 17″W, 17″H: The wall decor comes in a set of four pieces, each measuring 17 inches in width and 17 inches in height. This set configuration allows for versatile arrangement possibilities, enabling users to create a customized and dynamic display on their walls.

Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 16.50 × 1.25 × 16.50 in


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