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Reddish-Orange Metal Foldable Mesh Netting 3 Panel Fireplace Screen, 45″ x 1″ x 30″
SKU: GDU71889

Reddish-Orange Metal Foldable Mesh Netting 3 Panel Fireplace Screen, 45″ x 1″ x 30″


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Metal fireplace screen.
Features 3 rectangular arched panels and elaborate leaves, vines, and round fruit figures with mesh design.
Fireplace screen highlights a brushed reddish-orange finish over the black metal frame for a unique distressed design, with green accents on the leaves.
Measures 45L x 1W x 30H inches.
Weighs 11.25 lbs.

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Metal Foldable Fireplace Screen: Arched Style Design & Brushed Reddish-Orange Finish

The fireplace screen features an arched style design, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall appearance. The arch creates a visually appealing frame for the fireplace.

Crafted with a brushed reddish-orange finish, the metal frame of the fireplace screen has a unique distressed design. The combination of red tones, along with black accents, contributes to a warm and inviting aesthetic.

3 Panel Fireplace Screen: Leaf and Vine Relief & Micro Mesh Backing

The screen is adorned with sculpted floral elements, showcasing a leaf and vine relief pattern. This intricate detailing adds a nature-inspired and artistic dimension to the fireplace screen, enhancing its decorative appeal.

Designed with a micro mesh backing, the fireplace screen provides a protective barrier while allowing a clear view of the flames. The mesh ensures safety and functionality, making it a practical addition to your fireplace.

Reddish-Orange Metal Fireplace Screen: Hinged Mechanism for Configuration

Equipped with a hinged mechanism, the fireplace screen offers flexibility in configuration. This feature allows for easy adjustment and positioning, catering to different fireplace sizes and styles while maintaining stability and support.

Additional information

Weight 11.25 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 1 × 30 in


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