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SKU: GDU52931

Metal Glass Lantern Rusty Brown 8″W, 11″H


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Hanging Metal Antique Brown Candle lantern.
Rusty Brown Finish with clear glass.
Features rounded glass chamber with elegant scrollwork design.
Measures 8L x 6W x 11H inches.
Weighs 1.72 lbs.

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Rusted Matte Brown Finish: The Brown Metal Decorative Candle Lantern showcases a rusted matte brown finish, adding a touch of vintage and rustic charm to its appearance. The distressed look enhances the lantern’s character, making it a versatile piece for various decor styles.

Clear Glass Panels: Featuring clear glass panels on all sides, the lantern provides an unobstructed view of the candle within. The clear glass allows the warm glow of the candlelight to illuminate the surroundings, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Scrollwork Designs: This lantern is adorned with intricate scrollwork designs, adding an elegant and decorative element to its structure. The scrollwork enhances the aesthetic appeal of the lantern, making it a visually captivating accent for your space.

Rounded Glass Chamber with Grooves: The lantern’s glass chamber has a rounded shape with elegant grooves, contributing to its unique and stylish design. The grooves add texture and interest to the lantern, creating visual appeal and enhancing its overall aesthetics.

Attached Handles for Convenience: Designed with attached handles, the lantern becomes easy to carry and move around. The handles not only provide practicality but also contribute to the lantern’s decorative aspects, allowing you to incorporate it seamlessly into your home decor.

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Weight 1.72 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 11 in


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