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Metal Leaf Wall Decor 60″ x 1″ x 22″ Brown


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Metal leaves wall decor.
Floral style metal leaves design in rustic shade.
Measures 60L x 1W x 22H inches.
Weighs 4.95 lbs.

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Impressive Size: Standing at 60 inches in height, this metal leaf wall decor is a statement piece that commands attention and adds a touch of grandeur to your space. Its substantial size allows it to become a focal point in any room.

Solid Iron Craftsmanship: Crafted with solid iron material, this wall sculpture ensures durability and longevity. The use of sturdy materials not only enhances the structural integrity but also adds a substantial and quality feel to the decor.

Rich Red Brown Finish: The red-brown overall faintly brushed finish with a soft sheen imparts a warm and inviting atmosphere to your interior. This nuanced coloring adds depth and dimension, creating a visually appealing and textured appearance.

Vertical Orientation: Designed in a vertical orientation, the leaf wall sculpture features leaves arranged in a bough pattern. This arrangement provides a sense of natural flow and movement, creating a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing composition on your wall.

Realistic Look: The brushed finish contributes to a realistic look, giving the leaves a textured and lifelike appearance. This attention to detail adds an element of nature-inspired beauty to your decor, bringing the outdoors inside with a touch of sophistication.

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Weight 4.95 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 1 × 22 in


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