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Metal Leaf Wall Decor Green 48″ x 1″ x 11″


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Metal leaves wall decor.
Floral style metal leaves design in green and brown rustic shade.
Features leaves with berries vine carvings.
Measures 48L x 1W x 11H inches.
Weighs 3.15 lbs.

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Solid Iron Construction: Crafted from solid iron, this green metal leaf wall decor ensures sturdiness and durability. The use of robust materials enhances the longevity of the piece, making it a lasting addition to your home.

Floral Design: The wall decor features a captivating floral design, incorporating leaves and berries vine carvings. This nature-inspired motif adds a touch of botanical elegance to your space, bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your interior.

Matte Green and Brown Finish: The leaves are adorned with a matte green and brown finish, creating a harmonious and earthy color palette. This subdued color scheme allows the piece to blend seamlessly with various decor styles while providing a soothing and natural aesthetic.

Scrollwork Frame: Framed with intricate scrollwork, the wall decor is not just about the leaves; it also includes an artful framework. The scrollwork adds a layer of sophistication and complements the organic elements, creating a well-balanced and visually appealing composition.

Generous Size: With dimensions of 48 inches in height and 11 inches in width, this piece commands attention. Its generous size allows it to serve as a focal point, making a bold statement on your wall. The scale of the decor contributes to its visual impact and presence in the room.

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Weight 3.15 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 1 × 11 in


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