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SKU: GDU49177

Metal Planter Set of 3 Galvanized 7″, 10″, 13″W


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Metal planters set of 3.
Features cooking pot style shape with ring handles.
Highlights rustic galvanized finish.
Measures 13L x 13W x 6H, 10L x 10W x 5H, 7L x 7W x 4H inches.
Weighs 9.74 lbs.

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Cooking Pot-Inspired Trio: This set of 3 metal planters, measuring 7, 10, and 13 inches in width, takes inspiration from cooking pots, adding a whimsical and charming touch to your indoor and outdoor decor.

Galvanized-Looking Finish: The planters feature a galvanized-looking finish, enhancing the cooking pot aesthetic. This finish not only adds a rustic and industrial flair but also contributes to the overall visual appeal, creating a cohesive and unique design.

Ring Handles for Functional Detail: Designed with ring handles, these planters offer a functional and decorative detail. The handles not only add to the cooking pot charm but also make it easy to move and rearrange the planters, adding a touch of practicality to their whimsical design.

Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Decor: Whether placed in your kitchen, patio, or garden, these gray metal planters with ring handles bring a playful and distinctive element to your space. Their cooking pot-inspired design and galvanized finish make them versatile additions that add character to your plant display.

Graduated Widths for Dynamic Arrangement: The trio comes in graduated widths, allowing for a dynamic and visually interesting arrangement. Whether clustered together for a cohesive look or spread across different areas, these planters provide flexibility in styling to suit your preferences.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 6 in


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