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Metal Rustic Compass Wall Decor with Distressed Copper Finish 30″ x 2″ x 30″


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Rustic style metal wall art compass decor.
Nautical inspired beach house round wall art plaque wall hanging.
Features four arrow tips, eight metal spokes, and N, E, S, W cardinal directions.
Measures 30L x 2W x 30H inches.
Weight 2.8 lbs.

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Rustic Red Metal Construction: The Distressed Red Metal Rustic Stars Wall Decor, measuring 30″ x 2″ x 30″, is crafted from rustic red metal, creating a weathered and aged appearance. The distressed finish adds character and charm to the piece, evoking a sense of vintage rusticity. The red hue contributes to a warm and inviting aesthetic.

Arrow Tips and Eight Metal Spokes: The wall decor features four arrow tips and eight metal spokes, creating a dynamic and visually interesting design. The arrow tips add directional elements, enhancing the overall theme of exploration and adventure. The metal spokes radiate from the center, creating a star-like pattern that adds an artistic and decorative touch.

Cardinal Directions: Incorporating cardinal directions (N, E, S, W) into the design, the wall decor adds a navigational and directional aspect. The inclusion of these directions enhances the thematic relevance, creating a piece that is not only visually appealing but also aligned with traditional navigational symbolism. The cardinal directions add a layer of meaning to the decorative elements.

Generous Dimensions: With dimensions of 30″ x 2″ x 30″, this wall decor commands attention with its generous size. The substantial dimensions make it a statement piece that can serve as a focal point on a wall. The large size contributes to its visual impact, making it suitable for various interior settings where a bold and decorative element is desired.

Versatile Rustic Wall Art: The distressed red metal rustic stars wall decor is versatile in its appeal. Its rustic and weathered appearance makes it suitable for farmhouse, country, or eclectic decor styles. Whether displayed in living rooms, entryways, or bedrooms, it brings a touch of rustic charm and artistic flair to the surroundings.

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Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 2 × 30 in


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