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Brown Metal Scroll Wall Decor (Set of 4), 14″W x 14″H
SKU: GDU50035

Brown Metal Scroll Wall Decor (Set of 4), 14″W x 14″H


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Rustic metal wall decor set of 4.
This metal decorative wall art set features an elaborate wrought iron scrolling design in a square profile to achieve the rustic style simpered design.
Features 4 different pattern square.
This item measures 14L x 1W x 14H, 14L x 1W x 14H, 14L x 1W x 14H, 14L x 1W x 14H inches.
Weighs 7.37 lbs.
Great decor for indoor or outdoor.

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Rustic Brown Metal Scroll Wall Decor (Set of 4), 14″W x 14″H

The metal scroll wall decor set of 4 exudes rustic vibes, adding a charming and vintage touch to any space. The rustic style of the decor creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for creating a cozy and lived-in ambiance. The set embraces the beauty of imperfections and distressed finishes, capturing the essence of rustic aesthetics.

Crafted from brown wrought iron, the wall decor set showcases a durable and sturdy construction. Wrought iron is known for its strength and resilience, ensuring the longevity of the pieces. The brown color adds to the rustic appeal, creating a natural and earthy tone that blends seamlessly with various interior design styles.

Elegant Square Shaped Scroll Design Metal Wall Decor

The scroll design of the wall decor set features a simple and elegant aesthetic. The curved and intricate patterns create a visually captivating display that catches the eye. The simpered design, with its clean lines and understated details, adds a touch of sophistication to the rustic style. It strikes a balance between ornate and minimalistic, making it a versatile decor option.

The set of 4 metal scroll wall decor pieces can be arranged and placed in various ways, allowing for versatile placement options. Whether clustered together as a focal point or scattered throughout a room to create visual interest, the decor set offers flexibility in styling. The pieces can be displayed in living rooms, dining areas, entryways, or any other space that can benefit from a rustic and decorative touch.

Additional information

Weight 7.3 lbs
Dimensions 14.00 × 4 × 14.00 in


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