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Copper Metal Sun Face Sun Burst Wall Decor, 30″D
SKU: GDU26542

Copper Metal Sun Face Sun Burst Wall Decor, 30″D


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Smiling metal sun face sun burst.
Sunray shaped and details made of an ‘open style’ iron wiring.
Rustic Copper metallic finish.
Measures 29.88L x 1W x 29.50H inches.
Weighs 2.39 lbs.

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Open-Style Iron Wiring: Copper Finish Metal Sun Burst Wall Decor, 30″D

The wall decor is crafted with an ‘open-style’ iron wiring, allowing for a light and airy aesthetic. The use of iron wiring adds a contemporary and modern touch to the overall design.

With a copper metallic polished finish, this sun wall decor exudes a warm and inviting glow. The polished surface enhances the richness of the copper tone, creating a visually striking and elegant appearance.

Smiling Sun Feature with Sunray Details: Sun Burst Wall Art

The design incorporates intricate sunray details radiating from the center. These rays add depth and dimension to the piece, creating a dynamic visual effect that captures attention.

The wall decor features a smiling sun at its center, contributing to a playful and whimsical flair. This element adds a touch of charm and character, making the decor suitable for various settings, both indoors and outdoors.

Celestial Appeal: Sun Burst Wall Decor

The overall design, with its sunray details and smiling sun, imparts a celestial appeal to the wall decor. It evokes a sense of warmth and positivity, making it an ideal addition to spaces where a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere is desired.

Additional information

Weight 2.39 lbs
Dimensions 29.88 × 1.00 × 29.50 in


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