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Wall Decor Trumpet 32″


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Metal Wood Trumpet wall decor.
Made of recycled wooden planks with metal trumpet.
Rustic brown and gold finish on natural brown wooden panel.
Measures 32L X 13L X1W inch.
Weighs 5.4lbs.

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Trumpet Design: The wall decor features a trumpet design, showcasing the iconic musical instrument. This thematic element adds a touch of artistic and cultural flair to the overall decor, making it a unique and eye-catching piece.

Rustic Brown Finish: The trumpet is adorned with a rustic brown finish, contributing to a vintage and weathered look. This finish adds warmth and character to the decor, making it suitable for various interior design styles, including rustic, farmhouse, or eclectic themes.

Wooden Plaque Base: Mounted on a wooden plaque, the trumpet is securely attached, providing a stable foundation for wall hanging. The wooden backdrop complements the rustic theme and adds a natural element to the overall composition.

32-Inch Size: With a size of 32 inches, the wall decor trumpet commands attention and becomes a prominent feature on the wall. Its substantial dimensions make it suitable for solo display or as part of a larger wall arrangement, allowing for creative and personalized styling.

Easy Installation: The wall decor is designed for easy installation, allowing you to effortlessly mount it on your wall. Whether placed in a music room, entertainment area, or any other living space, the trumpet wall decor becomes a visually appealing and thematic addition to your home.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 32 in


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