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Green Patina And Gold Metal Sun Wind Chime With Cow Bells, 13″


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Metal Sun Celestial wind chime with cow bells.
The wind chime comes in green and gold antique Patina finish.
Measures 12.6H x 4.6L x 1.25W inch.
Makes sweet soothing sound.

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Antique Green And Gold Patina Metal Sun Wind Chime With Cow Bells, 13″

The Metal Star Sun Wind Chime with Cow Bells features a captivating fusion of celestial elements, combining stars and a radiant sun design. This celestial motif adds a harmonious and visually striking touch to the wind chime, making it a captivating piece of outdoor decor.

The green and gold patina finish on the metal wind chime imparts a weathered and antique appearance, adding character and charm to the overall design. This patina finish not only contributes to the vintage aesthetic but also enhances the wind chime’s ability to blend seamlessly with outdoor surroundings.

Patina Metal Sun Wind Chime With Cow Bells

The inclusion of cow bells in the wind chime introduces a melodic aspect, creating gentle and soothing tones as the wind rustles through the chimes. The combination of celestial symbols and cow bells adds an auditory dimension to the visual appeal, making it a multi-sensory outdoor ornament.

This Metal Star Sun Wind Chime is compact and versatile, making it suitable for a range of outdoor spaces. Whether hung on a patio, porch, or garden, its smaller size allows for flexible placement, adding celestial charm wherever it’s displayed.

Green And Gold Patina Metal Sun Wind Chime Enhances The Overall Atmosphere

The harmonious green and gold color scheme enhances the overall allure of the wind chime. The combination of these colors not only complements the celestial theme but also adds a touch of elegance and warmth. This harmonious palette ensures that the wind chime is a cohesive and stylish addition to any outdoor decor setting.


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