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Rustic Metal Vase with Handles, 20.5″

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Rustic Metal Vase with handles.
Bright Rustic Color.
Measures 20.5″H.
Great Vase for floral Arrangement.

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Metal Vase: Rustic Charm & Scroll Handles

The rustic metal vase with scroll handles exudes charm with its weathered appearance and vintage-inspired design. Its rustic aesthetic adds character to any space, infusing it with a sense of timeless elegance and warmth.

Featuring scroll handles on either side, this metal vase adds a touch of ornate detailing to its design. The scrollwork enhances the vintage appeal of the vase, giving it a unique and decorative flourish that catches the eye.

Rustic Metal Vase: Dark Black Brown and Dirty Yellow Finish & Generous Size

The dark black brown and dirty yellow finish of the vase creates a striking contrast, adding visual interest to its overall look. The combination of colors lends a distressed and aged appearance to the vase, enhancing its rustic charm.

Standing at 20.5 inches tall with a round base, this metal vase commands attention with its substantial size. Its tall stature allows it to make a statement as a standalone piece or as part of a larger decorative arrangement, creating a focal point in any room.

Rustic Metal Vase, 20”: Versatile Decor Piece

This rustic metal vase is a versatile decor piece that can be used in various ways to enhance your home decor. Whether displayed on a mantel, side table, or as a centerpiece on a dining table, it adds a touch of vintage-inspired charm to any setting.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 12 in


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