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Bronze Metal Vase with Textural Botanical Patterns (Set of 2), 13″, 10″H
SKU: GDU54657

Bronze Metal Vase with Textural Botanical Patterns (Set of 2), 13″, 10″H


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Decorative metal vase set of 2.
These metal vases set features cylinder silhouettes with fluted openings and textural botanical patterns.
Measures 6.30L x 6.25W x 12.50H, 6.25L x 6.30W x 9.80H inches.
Weighs 4.18 lbs.
Great decor for home or office.

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Bronze Metal Vase: Solid Iron Construction & Metallic Copper Finishes

Each vase in the Bronze Metal Vase set is meticulously crafted from solid iron, ensuring durability and longevity. The use of solid iron adds a robust quality to the vases, making them suitable for various decorative purposes.

The vases feature a stunning metallic copper finish, providing an elegant and timeless aesthetic. The copper tones add warmth and sophistication to the overall design, making these vases a versatile and stylish addition to any decor.

Bronze Metal Vase, 13″, 10″H: Hammered Metal Stem and Leaf Designs & Textural Light Green Patina Effects

Enhancing the visual appeal, the vases are adorned with hammered metal stem and leaf designs. This intricate detailing adds texture and depth to the surface, creating a captivating and artisanal look that elevates the overall design.

A subtle touch of textural light green patina effects around each base enhances the rustic charm of the vases. The patina effects contribute to the vintage-inspired aesthetic, creating a sense of character and uniqueness in each piece.

Bronze Metal Vase Set of 2: Rubber Stoppers for Stability

To ensure stability and protect surfaces, the vases are equipped with rubber stoppers beneath their bases. These stoppers prevent scuffing and sliding, allowing for a secure and hassle-free display of the Bronze Metal Vase set in various settings.

Additional information

Weight 4.18 lbs
Dimensions 6.30 × 12.50 × 12.50 in


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