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Metal Wall Decor Mirror Mesh 31″


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Metal Wall Decor Mirror.
Features mesh design in black finish with black rim.
Measures 31K x 31 L x 1W inches.
Weighs 8lbs.

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Mesh Design: The wall mirror features a unique mesh design, adding an industrial and contemporary touch to the decor. The mesh pattern not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to the overall aesthetic, creating visual interest.

31-Inch Size: With a substantial size of 31 inches, this metal wall mirror makes a bold statement on your walls. The larger size enhances its presence and reflective impact, making it a focal point in the room.

Black Finish: The mirror comes with a sleek black finish, providing a modern and sophisticated look. The black color adds a touch of elegance and pairs well with a variety of color schemes, making it a versatile piece for different interior styles.

Versatile Placement: The design and color of the mirror make it versatile for various room settings. It can complement both minimalist and eclectic decor styles, making it suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, or entryways.

Sturdy Construction: Crafted from metal, the mirror is not only a decorative piece but also a durable one. The sturdy construction ensures longevity, making it a practical addition to your home decor.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 3 in


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