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SKU: GDU30400

Poly Stone Bull Dog Sculpture 11″L, 15″W, 14″H


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Bulldog statue in sitting position.
Features life-like sculpted image of a bulldog at sitting position with skin fold and rib details with a tame facial expression.
Crafted in poly stone with light brown and charcoal gray finish.
Measures 10.65L x 15.25W x 14.70H inches.
Weighs 4.84lbs
Great decor for home or garden.

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The Polystone Bulldog Sculpture in a sitting position features a Light brown and charcoal gray color that adds a bold and eye-catching element to the piece. The black hue creates a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, enhancing the modern appeal of the sculpture. It also allows the sculpture to effortlessly blend with various decor styles, making it a versatile decorative accent.

The sculpture depicts a bulldog in a sitting position with intricate detailing. From the muscular build to the distinctive facial features and wrinkles, every characteristic of the bulldog is carefully sculpted to capture its essence. The attention to detail adds a realistic and lifelike quality to the sculpture, showcasing the craftsmanship involved in its creation.

Crafted from Polystone, the bulldog sculpture is made from a durable and resilient material. Polystone combines resin and stone particles, resulting in a sturdy and long-lasting product. This ensures that the sculpture retains its aesthetic appeal over time, allowing you to enjoy its presence for years to come. The Polystone material also enables the sculpture to have a smooth finish, enhancing its visual appeal.

The sitting position of the bulldog sculpture adds a sense of charm and personality to the piece. It captures the endearing and relaxed nature of bulldogs, making it an engaging decorative accent. The sitting position also allows the sculpture to be displayed on tabletops, shelves, or mantels, making it a versatile and space-efficient addition to any room.

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Weight 4.84 lbs
Dimensions 10.65 × 15.25 × 14.70 in


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