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Polystone Carved Photo Frame Gold Set of 2 9″W, 11″H


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Polystone photo frame set of 2.
Rectangle shape scroll design with Vintage antique gold finish.
Measures 9L x 1W x 11H, 9L x 1W x 11H inches. (4x6Phot size).
Weighs 2.53 lbs eachh.

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Handmade Polystone Construction with Intricate Carving: The photo frames are meticulously crafted from polystone, showcasing intricate handmade carvings. The artistry of the carving is evident in the elaborate scroll and botanical design, adding a touch of sophistication to the frames. Polystone ensures both durability and a detailed, elegant aesthetic.

Vintage Aesthetic with Distressed Dark Gold Antique Finish: The frames feature a distressed dark gold antique finish, imparting a vintage aesthetic to the table decor. This antique gold hue adds an element of timeless charm, and the distressed finish provides a weathered appearance, enhancing the frames’ overall vintage appeal.

Set of 2 Frames for Coordinated Decor: The purchase includes a set of two photo frames, allowing for a coordinated and cohesive decor arrangement. Whether displayed together or in different spaces, the matching frames contribute to a unified and stylish theme in your home.

Easel Back Stands for Versatile Display: The frames are equipped with easel back stands, offering versatile display options. The easel back stands make it easy to showcase the frames on tabletops, shelves, or any flat surface, providing flexibility in how you choose to exhibit your cherished photos.

Dimensions Suitable for 4×6 Photos: With dimensions of 9″ width and 11″ height, each frame is designed to accommodate 4×6 photos. This size is a popular choice for displaying standard photographs, allowing you to showcase your memories in a beautifully crafted and coordinated set of frames.

Additional information

Weight 2.53 lbs
Dimensions 9.00 × 3 × 11.00 in


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