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Gold Resin Flamingo Pair Sculpture, 15″H


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2 Flamingo sculpture in a kissing position.
Features flamingo figures that form a heart structure mounted on a rectangular base.
Gold Color finish.
Measures 11.35L x 3.60W x 15.40H inches.
Weighs 2.06 lbs.


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Elegant Gold Resin Flamingo Pair Sculpture,15″”H

Crafted from polystone, The Novogratz Gold Flamingo Sculpture ensures durability and intricate detailing. Polystone, a blend of resin and powdered stone, provides a sturdy material that allows for the creation of finely detailed sculptures.

The flamingo sculpture features a gold finish, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design. The gold color enhances the sculpture’s visual appeal, creating a luxurious and stylish aesthetic that stands out.

Flamingo Pair Figures in a Heartfelt Embrace

The sculpture consists of 2 Flamingo sculpture in kissing position flamingo-shaped figures that are creatively arranged to form a heart structure. This unique design adds a romantic and whimsical touch to the sculpture, making it a distinctive and eye-catching decor piece.

The flamingo figures are mounted on a rectangular base, providing stability and a cohesive presentation. The base adds a modern and structured element to the sculpture, allowing for easy placement on tabletops, shelves, or any flat surface.

Gold Flamingo Pair Sculpture Dimensions

With dimensions of 11″ x 4″ x 15″, The Novogratz Gold Flamingo Sculpture has a moderate size that makes it a noticeable and impactful feature in various decor settings. The combination of the unique flamingo arrangement and gold finish creates a captivating and stylish accent piece.

Additional information

Weight 2.06 lbs
Dimensions 11.35 × 3.60 × 15.40 in


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