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Rooster Figurine Polyresin 10″


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Rooster figurine.
Measures 9.8H x 9.8L x 4W inches.
Made of Metal and Resin.
Handcrafted with black, white and red colors.
Great decor for Garden, farmhouse & patio.

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The Rooster Figurine, crafted from polyresin and metal, showcases a playful and charming element to your decor.

The combination of resin and metal allows for intricate detailing, capturing the distinctive features of a rooster in a stylized and artistic manner.

The figurine is adorned with contrasting black and white colors with ash gray and red, enhancing the rooster’s features and adding a bold visual impact.

This countryside rooster figurine accents contribute to a more nuanced and realistic portrayal, creating a sense of dimension and texture making the rooster figurine stand out as a focal point in your decor.

Standing at 10 inches tall, the rooster figurine commands attention and becomes a noteworthy decorative piece. Its size allows it to be a prominent feature on shelves, mantels, or tabletops, making it a versatile decor item that can easily become a conversation starter in various settings.


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