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Round Silver Glass Charger Set of 3, 13″


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Glass charger plate set of 3.
Features Starburst finish design in silver finish.
Measures 13D inches.
Weight 2.5lbs each.

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Sleek Silver Glass Construction: This set of 3 glass charger placemats is crafted from sleek silver glass, providing a modern and sophisticated touch to your table setting. The reflective surface adds a contemporary element to your dining experience.

Generous 13″ Diameter: Each charger placemat boasts a generous 13″ diameter, creating a substantial base for your dinnerware and enhancing the overall presentation. The size is perfect for framing dishes and adding a decorative element to your table.

Starburst Design for Visual Interest: The chargers feature a starburst design, adding a dynamic and visually interesting element to your table arrangement. The intricate pattern creates a captivating focal point and contributes to a stylish and modern aesthetic.

Elegant Silver Rim Detail: Enhance the sophistication with an elegant silver rim detail that frames each charger placemat.
The silver rim adds a touch of refinement and complements the overall design, elevating the visual appeal.

Set of 3 for Coordinated Setting: With a set of 3 charger placemats, you have a coordinated setting that brings a polished and stylish look to your dining table. Whether hosting intimate gatherings or larger events, these round silver glass charger placemats contribute to a modern and visually appealing dining experience.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13 in


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