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Silver Champagne Ice Bucket in Aluminum with Handles, 17″
SKU: GDU14641

Silver Champagne Ice Bucket in Aluminum with Handles, 17″


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Silver finish Wine Chiller with Handles.
Made of Solid Aluminum.
Features an embossed “Champagne” sign, polished silver and slightly distressed finishing.
Measures 17L x 10W x 10H inches.
Weighs 13.2lb.
Great decor and functional item for home bar or den.

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Oval-Shaped Wine Cooler: Unique Elegance for Your Home Bar

This wine cooler takes on an oval shape, adding a unique and elegant touch to your home bar decor. The distinctive silhouette enhances the overall aesthetic, making it a standout piece in your wine bar room.

The wine cooler features an embossed “Champagne” sign, adding a decorative element that reflects its purpose. The embossed detail brings a touch of sophistication and a thematic design to the bucket.

Polished Silver Champagne Ice Bucket: Modern Elegance with Vintage Charm

With a polished silver exterior and a slightly distressed finish, this champagne ice bucket achieves a balance of modern elegance and vintage charm. The combination of polished and distressed elements adds character to the overall design.

Designed for practicality, this ice bucket has ample space to comfortably hold 3-4 bottles along with ice, ensuring you can keep your beverages chilled during gatherings. The functional capacity makes it a reliable accessory for entertaining guests.

Convenient Ring Handles for Easy Transportation

The inclusion of ring handles makes transportation easy and convenient. Whether moving the ice bucket from the bar to the serving area or carrying it for outdoor events, the ring handles provide a practical and stylish solution.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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